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Don't just take my word for it...
(there are more copywriting testimonials on LinkedIn, too).

“That Nicola David is bloody brilliant—even when we can only pass on the skimpiest information from the client, she manages to turn it into something finished, that reads well and makes sense.”
—Ledgard Jepson

“Some copywriters seem to have specialisms, eg headlines vs. long copy vs. strategy. You seem to nail all of the above… which is hard to find! We love working with you."
—Whippet (retail agency, London)

“Your copy was very well received... I really like the tone of voice you used.”

“A brilliant copywriter... she thinks ‘business first’, always checking, ‘Will what I write add value?’ That’s why I rate her work so much—it gets the desired result."
—Arris (agency)

“Really impressed... We thought this was fantastic!”
—Dorothy Perkins

"I have found it very easy to work with you, and you deliver - so I'll be passing more work your way."
—Anglia Ruskin University

"This is great stuff, Nicola. I've made a few trivial comments, but generally I can't fault it."
—1248.io (software)

"This is superb work."
—All Saints Church, Weston

"I just want to say that you are amazing!"
—Anglia Ruskin University (prospectus)

"You've saved my day once again! Really great input on the copy... I agree with everything you suggested."
—Astound (agency)

"Lovely stuff. I’ve just had a quick read and it looks exactly what was needed."
— ...rpa (agency)

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Linked In profile - Nicola David

"Everything we’ve used you for has been brilliant—your work is always right on the nail.”
—Whippet (retail agency, London)

“The best copywriting we’ve ever seen from an external source.”
—Alliance + Leicester

“Love, love, LOVE these!”
—University client (prospectus)

“Absolutely fantastic brand articulation!”
—Leyland Trucks

“This is spot-on.”

"Looks absolutely brilliant - just what we need to project to the outside world! We'd like to offer you a name-check on our website, both as both a thank you and a recognition of all the hard work you've put in."
—Park Square Barristers

“I don’t know how I would have managed without you!”
—Giles Insurance Brokers

"Your copy is as good as anything I've ever seen on an engineering website, and you've managed to really capture the essence of what we're about."
—Managing director, GSE, Hong Kong

“Excellent work, as always, on Thomas Cook… Even though I consider myself to be very marketing-savvy, it has been enlightening for me to see what you can achieve through copy.”
—Independent brand consultant

“Thank you once again for being a joy to work with!”
—Sheffield Hallam University

“I love it. Well done for making such a dry subject seem not as dry.”

“Having worked with a number of copywriters, I know that  good ones are rare. Extremely good ones are even rarer.  Nicola is worth her weight in gold!"
—Yorkshire Forward


“Working with you has been a pleasure... you got the tone absolutely right and on brief, and have been amazingly flexible. It’s been a massive project—and you’ve maintained the quality of the copy (and your availability!) consistently throughout.”

“We were blown away by how creative you are with words and how quickly you wrote the copy.”

“I’ve just had a look at the work you emailed through—very, very, very good. That’s why you’re insanely busy.”
—Kolorcraft Group

“This brochure has the ‘wow’ factor. It puts us on a different level—it portrays us as a truly global brand.”
—Williams Lea

"It is all really brilliant! I love what you've done... you've turned my mass of information into something snappy, focused and knowledgeable. I plan to mention you to everyone I come across who needs marketing or branding advice. You are the best!"
—Chief Officers Group

"We're really pleased with the copy - it is really friendly and punchy."
—Leeds College of Art

"I absolutely LOVE the work you've done on my website; it really is wonderful and makes me feel like I have the site to match the product now."
—Pete Marfleet (photographer)

"...and that's why Nicola does what she does."
—London brand & design agency

"The new website is fab! Exactly right. Altogether excellent."
—College of the Resurrection

"I love the copy you have created. Hit the mark. Thank you for capturing the course so well."
—Leeds College of Art (BA Advertising)

"We've talked to some other people, but to be honest you blew our socks off. You were energetic, expert and authentic."
—Software company

“Your style of writing is just so brilliant. When I look at what you’ve done, and think about our competition, it wipes the floor with them.”
—Data Protection Consultancy

"I'm so glad I came across your website and found you - you have made this so easy for us. A big 'thank you' for a fantastic job on this; considering your starting point, it is impressive! We are all delighted with the white paper."
—MonitorIT (software)

"Bloody brilliant! Thank you so much, Nicola, we really love your work. I knew we could count on you."
—Lancaster University

“Really nice piece of work. I was very pleased... It certainly hit the mark.”

"No one’s ever grasped our tone of voice so quickly.”

“You’ve done a fab job capturing our brand—you’ve really got us!”
—Water Babies

“You are an absolute star... loving your writing!”
Haygarth (agency)

"This is great news and confirms why we are receiving more enquiries AND ORDERS... We are very pleased with the website and it must also give you a glow of satisfaction."

"Thank you very much for your very nice work! We are very happy with it and your responsiveness was a very good surprise!"
—Mes Chaussettes Rouges, France

"Beyond fantastic… speechless.
You should be very proud.  I know I am.  Thank you for an unbelievable job!"



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